Cebu Hotels: Hotels with Rooftop Pools

Any person in the world loved to swim, and Cebu is one of the destination you can consider doing it. But, it’s, even more, fun to swim in a rooftop pool and to feel a more luxurious lifestyle with a cocktail on hand. It also feels more private if you swim on the rooftop with no distractions you’re going to face. For parents, the pool is a great place for them to give their kids a break.

Here are the top hotels in Cebu that offers you a great rooftop pool experience:

Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel

This hotel offers an infinity pool at its rooftop, where you can spend as you unwind after a long journey of travel or work in Cebu. The rippling water is joined with an ambient light and with a Bossa Nova music to make the pool a more inviting place for you to relax. You can even ask for food to be served at the pool, as the pool opened from the morning till 5 PM.

Cityscape Hotel

The Cityscape Hotel’s pool located on the rooftop will give you a spectacular view of Cebu City’s skyline and the beautiful outline of the mountain within the distance. The infinity pool is on the 17th floor of the building that gives you a great advantage to look on the city lights coming to life. You can also arrange a party in the pool with food being catered.

Cebu Grand Hotel

Cebu Grand Hotel treats its guest to an amazing experience of their outdoor swimming at the rooftop, which can make you lazily bask under the shine of the sun while looking at the skyline and its structures. It is one more addition to the hotel’s facility for you to recreate, along with fitness center right next to it. Families with kids will no wonder love their pool.

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