Introduction – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Treatment

What exactly does bio-Identical mean?

Bio-identical hormones differ from commonly prescribed hormone products in such a manner – they’re precisely the exact same as those generated from the human body.

Contrary to the vast majority of prescribed hormone drugs bio-identical hormones aren’t artificial, simulations, or replicas.

They’re produced from soy and other organic plant-based ingredients and also have precisely the same molecular arrangement of individual hormones.

Becoming bio-identical means that your body recognizes these hormones because its own and consequently uses them optimally and safely.


It’s easy, quick, cheap, and hassle-free and has no side effects. Advantages of a single course of therapy could last up to six months.

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You may reunite to hormonal equilibrium, well-being along with the physiological condition of your 30’s! Would not that be a welcome aid?

Benefits of Young Hormone Levels for a Woman

Increase endurance and ability for exercise.

Reduce symptoms of inflammation like joint distress.

Boost creativity and productivity on your own personal and professional life.

Returning your hormone levels to that of your mid-thirties will invigorate each element of your daily life.

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Hormone replacement options available till today generally ended in frustration as they weren’t secure, or, they did not supply an even launch impact that matched normal menstrual function.

Now by means of miniature bio-identical hormone boosters placed beneath the skin, nature physiologically reverse your biologic era to the mid and let you keep youthful levels during your whole life.

When initial scheduling a consult with your physician will normally offer laboratory forms detailing blood function that should first be performed prior to beginning your hormone treatment.

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