Explore the Magnificent Cebu

Cebu City is one of the first class city you can find in the region of Central Visayas – southern part of the Philippines. Rich in traditions and history because of it’s the oldest city and the first capital of the Philippines. If you’ve been to Manila, you’ll see the big difference as you compare both of the cities. It is not surprising why the place is honored as The Queen City of the South.

Queen City of the South

If you’re planning to visit the place, you’ll never regret and instead have a great and memorable experience that is worth to share. With so many things you can do and see in Cebu City and it is rich with people, places, food, and culture. These are just a few reasons why you should truly not miss to visit Cebu if your next destination is the Philippines.

According to historians, Cebu came the old word of “Sibu or Sibo”, which means trade. It is the short term for “Sinibuyang Hingpit” or the place for trading. Cebu City is filled with a lot of tourist destination and attractions that will surely make you fall in love with Cebu. Here are the places you can go on the island of Cebu:

Magellan’s Cross

The most popular landmark of Cebu because of its history, and its location is at the heart of the city. The Cross is encased in a Tindalo Wood to protect it from the fanatics who chip small part of the cross believing that it has miraculous powers.

Temple of Leah

The newest attraction added to the catalog of places you can go in Cebu. This is a place inspired by Greek architecture and was constructed in 2012. It is located at the Roosevelt Street Barangay Busay, Cebu City. This place has the same history of the Taj Mahal of India for the love and memory of their wife.

Taoist Temple

This place is one of the famous tourist attractions in Cebu City which is a Non-Catholic shrine with magnificent design and proximity to the city proper. The view from the Taoist Temple of Cebu City is the highlight of the place, and it is spectacular.

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