How To Select the Right Threshold for Your Door

What is the Usefulness of Thresholds and How to Select the Right One?

If you are planning to buy thresholds then it will be necessary to do a proper evaluation of all details so that you can select right thresholds. In this context, let us go through few of the important points you need to keep note of to find that right threshold.

An Insight into Threshold and Their Various Aspects

Here we will look at functionality they offer, what are the benefits of using thresholds, types of thresholds you can choose from and few of the important purchase considerations.

What functionality thresholds offer?

quality door hardwareThresholds are useful in the closing gap that exists between the door and the floor. Thus, by installing thresholds you are able to block entry of air, rain, and snow into your home.
If you use them in conjunction with door bottoms and weatherstripping then you can fully seal off the openings. Moreover, it will also help in protecting your home from adverse weather conditions and infiltration of pests or insects. In addition to it, you will also be able to stop smoke infiltration as well as sound transmission.

Are there any benefits of using thresholds?

Yes, there are certainly many benefits of using thresholds, let us look at them here:
• In winter months you are able to keep cold drafts out and reduce energy bills. Likewise, conditioned air can be kept within your home in summer months.
• The good thing about such quality door hardware is that they have aesthetic appeal and are able to smooth out the transition that occurs from one type of flooring to a different one. As for instance, if carpet and tiles are meeting right at the doorway then in such situation the appearance at the junction point can be enhanced with the help of a threshold.
• The thresholds can also have door seals or weatherstripping built into them and as such can offer complete sealing of your doors.

What are the different types of thresholds to choose from?

Thresholds are a type of quality door hardware available in different types such as:
Wooden: Wooden ones have excellent aesthetic appeal and are suitable for doors which do not come in direct contact with the natural elements.
Aluminum: These are suitable for exterior doors which come in contact with rain and moisture on regular basis.

What are some purchase consideration to keep note of?

Few of the important details you need to keep note of are:
• If the threshold is required for a commercial building where common people will have access then it will be necessary to install commercial thresholds which have 1/2" height (in case of interior doors) and the height needs to be 3/4" (for exterior doors).
• To choose quality door hardware that is also safe for wheelchair access, it will be necessary to make sure that slope of the threshold does not exceed the 1:2 ratio. Likewise, the preference should be more shallow as well as flatter thresholds so that trip hazard can be avoided.


To summarize it can be said that thresholds are quite useful, whether you are installing them in your home or commercial establishment. All you have to do is consider all important aspects to select the right one.

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