Tips For Choosing Your Door Handles

As all of us know door handles are used to open and shut doors, that is pretty much a given, but what many of us do not realize is how much they play a role in the styling of our dwelling.

Your door handles (which is also known as “มือจับประตู” in the Thai language  ) are there to decorate your doors and rooms in a delicate and subtle way. The manner of your handles gives your home a touch of quality and character and thus it’s important that you decide on a design that suits you and your dwelling. 

Here are some tips and hints to help you choose the perfect grips for your home:

Stick To Your Budget – Many people when they decorate their home have a budget in mind of how much they need to spend on paint, furniture, and rugs, this funding should lend to a door handles too.

Consider how many doors you’ve got and how many doors handles you’re likely to need and split up the budget wisely. As soon as you’ve got a budget in mind that this will make it easier as you are going to have a price range to search within.

Door Handle Privacy – when picking your door handles you want to take into account whether some of your doors will take a lock like on the toilet doors and in some bedrooms.

Probably you will want a lock on the master bedroom door but not on your children’s bedroom doors if they’re quite young, or maybe if they’re in the teenager stage they’re demanding one! Generally speaking, most people have a door handle with a lock for any bathrooms in the home to provide a feeling of privacy.

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