A Decorator Or An Interior Designer

Painters are known as decorators. They were the ones who really did the physical labor. Following that, decorators were called those who may help you furnish or decorate a space.

As time passes, things became increasingly more sophisticated, particularly in companies and then in homes.

Now, top exclusive designers are on the scene brimming with important educational backgrounds in the architectural and technical realms and have strong concerns for the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.

If you have more interest in interior design styles you can do additional research to discover the evolution of the interior decorating and design profession.

Presently, interior design and decorating is a very readily design field. Anyone with a flair for color or pattern can enter this profession… and also call themselves a professional!! 

When I graduated from design school, I garnered my first job with a rather high-end furniture store. My passion was for layout first and then selling the furniture and furnishings to bring out the design concept in addition to the personality of the customer.

Part of their salespeople had a certain amount of skill in decorating. This shop also used salespeople who came from very varied professions and backgrounds beyond design. 

As furniture shops, whether or not they use decorators or designers, their number one concern is selling your furniture. Period. I really don’t care what they tell you differently. Their profit comes from selling your furniture.

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