Finding Suppliers for a Shopify Store

Most Shopify users start with either Ali Express or WorldwideBrands as a source of wholesalers and drop shippers for their new stores – so I'm going to talk about both in this article and compare them.

First of all, Worldwide Brands is probably the best in terms of reliability and quality.  It's a directory of over 8,000 certified suppliers (about the same number of drop shippers as wholesalers) and from them there are about 15 million products available to buy (and search though) as of 2018.

Membership to Worldwide Brands is expensive though, at $249 for lifetime access.  This comes with a few extras – forum access, support and market research tools, which are all useful.  The key benefits of Worldwide Brands are that all of their suppliers (which are mostly based in the USA) are reliable – in fact they are fully guaranteed.

Ali Express is a marketplace for Chinese wholesalers and drop shippers who want to sell their goods to buyers around the world.  It's free to join and there are millions of products, but no extras like Worldwide Brands has and there are no guarantees that the suppliers are reliable.

However, it's very cheap and although shipping is slow you can make a really good profit on some of the goods for sale there.

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