Receiving TV Reception when Touring

In 2018 it has never been easier to pick up TV signals while on the road in your caravan with all the latest technology out there. Click here to find out the latest options of Caravan TV antenna

Satellite and internet equipment is available to ensure you stay connected on your travels. All recently manufactured Smart TV's already come with built-in receivers, for those of you with old equipment you will require a receiver box. 

Advantages of Satellite

With satellite TV you re guaranteed coverage wherever you re in the country you are not reliant on the locality of local TV station antenna and certain frequency waves. This is the equivalent for internet antenna, but with the internet, you must ensure to speak to your provider before hitting the road regarding your plan, and data usage or you could be caught short on both speed and usage. 

For those of you looking stream a live sports game, your system will be very hungry on data usage, and unless you have the right plan in place, you could be returning home to a massive bill on your doorstep. 

Terrestrial broadcasts

In the past TV signals got to broadcast from primary ground-based transmitters that covered a particular area, but regardless of the transmitter, the aerial is still the main component to focus on to receive an adequate picture and to be in the range of the transmission.

Omni-direction aerials transformed the lives of people using caravans and motorhomes.  They were easily fitted and did the job well, but were not so effective in areas that transmitted at ultra-high frequencies and were prone to be disrupted if you were in low-lying areas or surrounded by trees, for example, leading toward people looking for a better option.

Now on today's market make sure you purchase a Directional Aerial, they have now eclipsed the omnidirectional models and operate well around trees, buildings and in low-lying areas.  With a vast range on the market be sure to tell your stockist where you travel to, and they will be able to advise what latest model will do the job for you on the road. 


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