Best 3 Cup Food Processor

I always thought I would love to be one of those ladies that had all of the fancy gadgets in my kitchen, I mean, who wouldn't want to know how to use all of those things? Unfortunately, that just isn't me. I like to keep things simple and quick when I have to cook food at home. No fancy blenders or smoothie makers for me. No electric griddles or skillets. I like my pots and pans and that's enough for me.

However, there is one kitchen appliance that I would not want to do without and that is my little food processor. Like me, it's not fancy either. It only has a small cup capacity and a few different settings. When I want to chop onions or a few veggies for my husband and myself, it's really all I need.

One thing is a must though. You have to pick a quality brand name. Even though a food processor may be small, the quality will matter if you use it very often. If you choose a brand name that isn't very well made, chances are the motor may burn out fairly quickly.

I found my three cup food processor at It did cost a bit more than some of the cheaper ones I looked at in my local department store, but it works so well I know it was worth the extra I paid for it.

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